Gerrit Cole

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pitch Repertoire At-A-Glance

Gerrit Cole has thrown 12,450 pitches that have been tracked by the PITCHf/x system between 2011 and 2017, including pitches thrown in the MLB Regular Season, the MLB Postseason and Fall/Winter Ball. In 2017, he has relied primarily on his Fourseam Fastball (96mph), also mixing in a Slider (89mph), Sinker (96mph), Curve (81mph) and Change (89mph).

BETA Feature:
Basic description of 2017 pitches compared to other RHP:
His fourseam fastball has well above average velo and has slight armside run. His slider is thrown extremely hard and generates a very high amount of groundballs compared to other pitchers' sliders. His sinker is blazing fast, generates fewer whiffs/swing compared to other pitchers' sinkers and has slight armside run. His curve is slightly harder than usual and has slight glove-side movement. His change is thrown extremely hard and has slight armside fade.