Normalized Strikezone Map

Keeping Track Of Every Call

How To Read These Graphs

These graphs only plot calls made by the home plate umpire. In other words, they only plot balls and called strikes. No other pitches or results are included. Intuitively, this provides a representation of the strikezone for each game.

Each pitch is represented by a single dot. Green dots are balls and red dots are strikes. Pitches marked as belonging to a particular team (for example "bos" or "nya") are designated with different shapes. These teams represent the pitching team, not the batting team. So, a pitch marked "bos-Called Strike" was thrown by a Boston pitcher.

As is indicated on the graphs, these are from the Umpire's perspective, not the Pitcher's perspective.

The Y-Axis on this graph is normalized from the sz_top and sz_bot values in the PitchFX data for any individual hitter. These values are then scaled to 1 and -1 respectively. The outside edges of the strikezone are then drawn to specifications corresponding to an average umpire's strikezone.

Normalized Maps for All Batters

Normalized Maps for LHH Batters Only

Normalized Maps for RHH Batters Only

Non-Normalized Maps for All Batters

Non-Normalized Maps for LHH Batters Only

Non-Normalized Maps for RHH Batters Only