Sabermetric Outcomes - from 01/01/2010 to 07/10/2015
20-80 Scout Scale Scores (50+Z*10) Against Pitchers that Meet Filter Criteria
Higher doesn't neccessarily mean better, just over average for that statistic.
Parenthesis next to pitch type denotes number of comparison pitches.

Pitch Type Count Foul/Swing Whiff/Swing GB/BIP LD/BIP FB/BIP PU/BIP GB/FB HR/(FB+LD)
Fourseam (891)17414339535346475151
Sinker (586)14244348554448464951
Change (283)6063870434859524353
Slider (362)121292420333339
Curve (287)6924558644638476484
Cutter (175)11225049574743515437
Split (50)571863307243764384